Wednesday, February 2, 2011

art studio goes live... Feb 2 2011

another snow day...3rd so far?...have lost count.  kids at home all day.  what to do to pass the hours, minutes,... seconds?  even though there is still organizing to do and hinges to screw, paint decisions, furniture to move to get the space looking more as I want...ums pulled out the paint from the drawer and so it began.   my studio is real...there are pretty little things making pretty colorful things... they have a space to dream and imagine.  I have my new room...all to myself...i cannot wait to see what's in my head... I am happy for this.

I have thought about making things... painting things...collecting things for a long time.  is it just another way to waste time?  i thought it was.  after a while i thought "so what?"  if I get happy... really...what's the harm?  so after some more time my hubby and i carved a space in our home for my studio.  is it ok to say that it's a studio when i'm not even sure that i'm an artist?  who cares?  my 2 1/2 year old made a painting today with acrylic paint... painted and painted until the whole canvas was a smooth brownish green... we used the rubber spatula to make a design... it's the most beautiful thing! 


  1. Nice first post... keep them coming. i want to see what cool art comes next... twin b

  2. I am impressed. Looking for more.