Wednesday, April 6, 2011

DIY heaven

i love to DIY... and have become a little obsessed... quickly running out of room to put stuff that i've made.  maybe this is why people open etsy stores?... hoping to clear out space to fill with more diy projects. 

i just found this blog today... and i think some of the ideas are really amazing (cone installation, string chandeliers):

these are some of my recent DIY projects:

reach for the stars themed preschool auction decoration: collected neighbors yard waste, spray painted them gold, set 2-3 branches in large weighted vases, glued large gold glitter flakes on the dominant branch, hung stars made from pipe cleaners... thanks to aimee for believing in the vision!

photobooth accessories for the prescool auction

peace crane clips for mom and sis

random clips for me...yay

glass painted on the inside... diy vase!  inspired by

cool pink restaurant type plate, found 2 of them at thrift store (might as well pick up someone elses stuff while out dropping off my old stuff) and found 2 cool black candle stick holders...

enter glue gun...and tah dah... cute pedestal plate for cupcakes perhaps?  roro made the star detail btw


  1. i like DIY too -- thrift shops are my fav spot for finding inspiration and raw materials. go roro with the star detail -- little monkey has a good eye...

  2. yeah... thrift stores are the best. it's so fun to imagine how something kinda blah can be upcycled... with spray paint or with new upholstery or with a hot glue gun... my new favorite thing.