Monday, May 9, 2011


so... every day is supposed to teach you something. 

yesterday it was mothers day... my day had started off pretty well... ami bouncing off the walls trying to drag her lazy tired mother out of bed to open up gifts... especially the "special" one that was wrapped in hot pink tissue paper and hidden after being made at pre-school this past week.   marty woke up extra early to clean up the kitchen, which was in sorry shape after friends were over the night before.  roro was snoozing next to me... his little pot belly exposed... so nice and warm and squishy.  we all made it to the dining room where there was a little display of mother's day treats.  so lovely!

amiya had made purple soap for me... which was cutely packaged in a tiny clay pot, roro planted marigolds in a pot for his gift, freshly cut tulips were in a vase, a beautiful flower basket was hanging at the front door, and lots of colorful pictures had been made.  marty actually did get those hilarious bow headphones for me!  next we hung out while chocolate chip pancakes were made.  so yummy!  i felt so lucky to feel this loved.  marty left for his conference in canada shorly after breakfast.

i had made plans to spend mothers day with sis and the kids.  i told her we would be there soon and that we were bringing our leftovers for her lunch.  somehow i got completely sidetracked and lost focus and 3 hours went by... cleaning, kids outside...stuff... finally got the kids in the car at 4pm and called sis.  she was clearly hurt that much of her day was spent waiting for us... waiting for lunch (that i said i'd bring)... waiting.  initially i was obtuse and still in mommy world... oh we had all this "stuff" to do...sorry.  but she was there... cleaning her house, getting ready for us, and waiting.  i don't want to get too detailed, but the point is that i was inconsiderate...yes it wasn't intentional but still inconsiderate.  feelings were hurt and though i tried to make things better.. i couldn't have a do-over.

the thing about my sister is that she is like a giant heart... she loves me (although for some weird twin reason these words are never spoken) and loves my kids like they are her own.  the love is powerful and sometimes i take it for granted. well... i hope i learn from this.

life is too short.

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