Thursday, May 12, 2011

my recent purchases

brimfield 20 bucks, could decoupage in a cool fabric?

brimfield 20 bucks, LOVE THESE!!!!

brimfield 30 bucks, needs some elbow grease but i kinds like the look ?maybe fire engine red paint

craigs list 125$ needs to be painted ?light gray, needs new hardware and maybe chicken wire in the doors? is that too country?

brimfield 30 bucks my new little kitchen stool, new paint for sure ?pink

brimfield 25$ each will be used to make terrariums

brimfield 5$ not that great but really functional

brimfield 8$ set of 4, cute vintage tin ?plates will need to find a use for them... maybe just a prop for photos?

craigs list 50$ from restoration hardware, needed a good cleaning but i love the end result! my new sewing chair

brimfield 18$ random stool for the studio, needs paint ?not sure on the color... maybe bright yellow

brimfield 10$ no work needed, works perfectly and clips right on my work table

brimfield 35$ yes... a little pricey...bought one with a red stripe and one solid natural, hand loomed in eastern europe, amazing quality grain sack... which will soon be my new bench cushion covers... machine washable!

you have to feel them... the quality is to die for
i want to hear what you think.  do you like anything?  what do you think was a total steal?  did i pay too much for anything?

one the painting is done, i'll post some "after" photos.

i walked into the coolest booth yesterday.  lots of great ideas!  they handed me an adorable yellow and white striped business card... check out their blog here

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  1. I need to come over and see these great finds in action!

    just put in a request at pinterest too