Thursday, January 19, 2012

ok... now what?

so, 38 years in and i am still wondering what to do with my life.  seriously?

yes... i have my health, a stable respectable career... a lovely family with a faithful husband of almost 8 years and a beautiful 5 year old daughter and 3 year old son... a nice house in a great neighborhood... twin sister close by and healthy parents and in-laws 4 hours away.  i have a part-time nanny who is great with the kids.  i have a wonderful community of friends whom we see regularly.

what more is there than this?  really!?... i want to understand this feeling in me that i need to accomplish some other "thing".  what is that?  i'm pretty certain that i'm happy.

was thinking about contacting one of my favorite bloggers and offering to work for her (for free).  i'm a little nervous and of course would like to avoid rejection but i think i need to follow my instincts... and become the woman i know is in me.  wish me luck!

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