Monday, April 29, 2013

playlists to check out

in my lazy morning pinterest/email/fb/blog perusing i was lucky enough to find design editor... an amazing blog.  she has everything i look for in a blog... life lessons, inspring photos... ideas for crafting...and even music playlists every month.

i just had such nice couple of evenings with my in-laws... though i had to work during the days i was happy to come home to a full house and good times.  it took me awhile to get comfortable with my mom and dad-in-law but finally we are here- in a good place- and able to be ourselves and enjoy one another.

this week i can ease back into my normal routine... finally.  after 2 weeks of absolute craziness it is so good to plan some fun activities for the family and some me-time.... just need to clean my house first.... or should i?


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