Friday, January 31, 2014

Superbowl Sunday Menu

i am not into football... but my family is.  in my perfect world i would whip up these tasty morsels for the big game...

start with a bowl of these to nosh on ( it comes from the Gramercy Tavern Bar)... 

Gramercy Tavern Bar Nuts via

grab your favorite board and pile high flatbread, pita, olives and this...

lemon feta dip via

our first "course" will be the ultimate start in a comfort food menu...

tortilla soup via

onto the second course...

tostones with chunky avocado via

the main course with be crowd pleasers...

fancy pigs in a blanket via
 lemon quinoa chickpea cilantro salad  via

cornbread chili cupcakes via

spicy honey ginger wings via

and FINALLY dessert...

caramel doughnut holes  via
or (this one would be my pick)

homemade ding dong cake via

honestly, by the end of this meal you will not care who wins the big game... all you will feel is bliss!



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