Friday, January 17, 2014

Sweet N So- HARD

yesterday my producer came over to start taping for the new show- sweet n so.  lights and camera set up in the studio, microphone on the table, it was really official.  then i did my thing.  it was like anything being done for the first time... a little scary... and not as easy as i thought it would be... i mean seriously!  how hard is it to talk about stuff you love?  it's not hard but when you're in front of lights, camera, and your producer it's a little like forcing yourself to have an epiphany!  the first few takes were a disaster- i could not relax... nor could i smile.  i looked like a deer in headlights... at least that's what I thought.  Is my face really that asymmetrical?  i hate my hair!  i have dark circles under my eyes!  OMG!

without totally undermining my efforts and performance here's a glimpse of the excitement...

we made the cutest hair accessory

my little model
the set

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