Sunday, January 12, 2014

what is in a name?

i need to come up with a name for my new show.  it will be a show on youtube starring yours truly where i will be sharing little snippets of my inspirations... obsessions... creations... and experiences.  it will be my next exciting project.

what is in a name?  it should be a reflection of me... & my style... & have a twist...& somehow give you a hint of what the show might be about.  names that i think work really well... hmmmm..

cup of jo
sweet paul
mollie makes
you are my fave
100 layer cake

but the ones that i have thought of fall short

cup of so
so what
just so

(my mother calls me so...)

i am not feeling super about any of them.  this will be a show where i share creating tips... ideas for making the mundane more fun... living a life with more personality and individuality.  none of the names really express what i am trying to say.

so so
so sew
sew so


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