Thursday, February 27, 2014

when someone does not like you

how do you handle it when you get the feeling that someone does not like you?

i don't handle it well apparently... i think about it constantly... take it personally... and let it get me down.

i'm not a spring chicken so why can't i use my experience and "wisdom" to rise above these feelings?  wait... i can... but it's hard.

so ... for whatever reason... this person -who shall remain nameless- has decided that i am not someone who is fair... and has sent public emails whose purpose seems to be shaming... and is not brave enough to speak personally to my face.

parts of me feel badly... feel shamed... feel unappreciated... feel angry... but other parts feel a need to comfort the sad parts and be strong.  there is nothing that i can do to change someone else's choices- but i have control over me.

it's hard sometimes to take the "high road" - and not get sucked into the back and forth.

i choose the high road



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