Thursday, March 13, 2014

Home ec party ideas

For Amiya's home ec party on Saturday I was thinking of doing a simple sewing/embroidery project along with a few recipes in the kitchen.  This will be a small group of 7-8 year old girls plus Rowan so I figured something simple and easy would be preferable... Here's what I came up with...

Most girls this age are starting to learn cursive so first have them write out their name in cursive... Or if they prefer regular print... Block letters... Bubble letters... On fabric with a sharpie.

Next thread a big embroidery needle with embroidery floss... Use one color to keep it simple

Using a small hoop around the area, start stitching along the line of the letters.  I tried using various stitches in my run through and by the time I got to the L, I realized that the best one for our young group would be the basic one you see at the top of the next image

Next we need to decorate it a bit. I have a bedazzler so I pulled that out a stuck a few rhinestones in it... I think this will be a hit with the girls and even Rowan.

And finally I sewed a ricrac border on with my sewing machine... This was not really necessary and I'll probably not have the girls do this.

Here's the final result... I think painting the wooden hoops ahead of time will be really cute for the party... Maybe neon?



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