Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Party deets

this Saturday we are having 2 birthday parties at our house.  thankfully the kids agreed to keep things small this year and will be about 5 friends each.  they are doing the all boy and all girl divide this year... for the first time.

amiya wanted a cooking party and rowan wanted a "favorite things" party.  they both had a voice in the invitations... fonts.. colors etc.  they made the guest lists... they chose the activities, food, and cake.  in rowan's case, he opted for oreos.....and no actual cake.  

this is the first year that i relinquished control over such decisions... wanting their party to just be about them... Not worry so much about the overall look and creativity of it.  I must say that it has made my life so easy... plus they are more invested in the process... for example rather than search the internet for the coolest boy piniatas and get something really original i brought both of them to party city yesterday and ro looked at all of the options and ended up picking out a simple basketball piñata... he was so happy to carry it as we left the store.  i took them to non-whole foods grocery store to get the frosting, cake mix and beloved oreos and they each picked out exactly what they wanted... rowan chose the simplest oreo flavors (who knew that there are now 20 varieties!?)... despite amiya pleading to get the special birthday cake one... amiya decided that one of the cooking projects would be jello and she hand picked the berry blue and raspberry options.  it was great!  

today I went to michaels the see if they had any odds and ends that would be good for the parties... ended up buying some stick on nails for the girls and funny straws for the boys.

tomorrow is rowan's actual birthday.  i am so excited to fill his room with balloons and put up the happy birthday banner.  we will go to his classroom and read a book to the class.  after school we will hang out and probably give him extra time playing video games.  we will all go out to japanese food .... ro requested sushi.  we will sing him happy birthday and watch him blow out six candles.  we will take a bunch of pictures.

this is what it's all about.  i'm beginning to understand how simple it all really is.



ps... amiya's cake will be super fun... check out the inspiration here...


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