Wednesday, June 8, 2011

every girls' dilemma


 i have always been a bit too flighty with my clothes shopping... thinking too little about other pieces in my closet... just "falling in love" with a cute top in a crazy print... or online shopping and getting the size completely wrong (and not bothering to return it)... or just buying random designer pieces just because they're on clearance and "such a deal".   i end up with a closet full of nothing and that just isn't what a girl needs.

i want to look spectacular... and express myself... look good for my age... and not look fat in the middle... but how exactly does that happen?

my wardrobe consultant, which was a gift from my husband, met with me for 6 hours a few weeks ago.  we literally emptied out my closet and made 3 piles... "donate"..."maybe"...and "keep".  sounds simple but it's not.  after a while we form relationships with our clothes... hanging on to them for silly sentimental reasons... not wanting to say bye even though they need to go.

once the piles were made and closet emptied i tried on all items in the keep pile... many of them ended up moving to the donate pile... usually based on poor fit... unflattering color... worn out or faded... or just overall not attractive.  in the early part of the session i was hesitant to part with some of these items... but as we started to create various looks/ outfits i began to understand what really looked good and what didn't... it was not about how much something cost... or who the designer was... but more about wearing a flattering cut... in a great or neutral color... highlighting the nice parts of my figure (toned looking arms... thin legs) and being comfortable.  after some time went by i started literally throwing stuff from my "keep" and "maybe" pile into the donate corner of the room.  six garbage bags full of donations left my house that day!

i even found heels that were hidden in the back of my closet that suddenly made me look sophisticated and even sexy (though i never think of myself this way) when put with a simple outfit that looked effortless.  my amazing stylist swiftly organized my previously overstuffed closet so that now things were on hangers (rather than folded on shelves), jackets were all together, sweaters were all together, things had a place and it all made sense.  i liked what i saw and didn't miss the donated items AT ALL!  still now... almost 1 month later... i don't miss any of the donated clothes for a second.

now when i shop i feel like i am less impulsive... much more mindful of what will go with items that i already have... what will fit me well and look age appropriate... and think about staying classic rather than random.  she even took photos and made a little book with the looks that worked well with my body type... good to have when i don't have time to think.

i don't want to make the same shopping mistakes that were made in the past.  my goal is to keep my closet organized and filled with items that look good and make me feel great. 

*check out every girls' dilemma  - it's funny because after recently having a wardrobe refresher by this very talented woman i feel enlighted and more in touch with how to dress.

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