Monday, February 28, 2011

pretty party planning

as promised... a glimpse of the party decorations... the tissue pom poms were fun and relatively easy to create... let's hope that we can hang them without a ladder... liability rules at the art center are surprisingly strict :(
          above is a MS garland that I rescued from the amazing clearance rack at Michaels... Ami and I worked on it a bit... yes... yellow and pink are our party colors
saw this cute idea on a blog... potential cake topper?
check out the felt chain... another possible cake topper
will find some time this week to decoupage some pretty pink and yellow flowery fabric onto these pails
above are the folded pom poms...hopefully will recruit a family member to transform them


  1. am i that lucky family member? hope i dont get a paper cut... anything for my boo

  2. It sounds like amazing art party for a 5 yr. old princess!

  3. very nice- great colours- have a good one!