Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mom...I need to throw up

God... i hate hearing those words.  bad mother bad mother.

today has been interesting... hubby at work...cold outside...too hard to motivate to do stuff.  and ums felt sick all morning.  thought she was being dramatic... was so sure of it... until she vomited.  oh well... maternal instincts not working that well.

finally convinced sis to come over and give me a break.  thank God!  now I sit here and write...

lately i've been feeling a bit off... not sure why.  got my haircut yesterday and told katie that i've been feeling old lately... please make me look young.  she did her best.

birthday month for the kids approaching... am trying to do something special for Ami.  she's having a party in a local art studio.  i have big plans for it and am getting excited... just bought her dress yesterday (which she TOTALLY loved) and today wanted to work on the tissue pom poms.  will post a photo once i finish.

anyway, i should probably get back to sis and roro... ami napping...please let there be no more vomit today.

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