Wednesday, April 20, 2011

DIY par-tay

ooooh... i just found another excuse to throw a party... it's only a month after the big birthday bashes for the kids and i feel ancy.  my friend kristyn, a very talented chef and dessert genius... who also loves to make things, suggested that we get together and have a DIY party.  cool... huh?

i'm imagining a bunch of women... all quite hip and funny... drinking pretty cocktails and eating equally pretty cookies... crafting like crazy... making something adorable... all while listening to air supply?  this is like the best dream ever?  but it's totally going to happen... hopefully.  anyone reading this right now... you're invited.

how about making these for your bedroom?

or how about this for easter?
never tried felting before but would love to learn.

if you have any ideas for something we could make in a couple of hours please let me know!

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