Monday, April 18, 2011

inspiration for kids rooms

just today my good friend jen sent me a link to some gorgeous kids rooms from the glorious blog design sponge.  i hadn't seen this post before and of course i fell in love with many images.  isn't it so hard to commit to one idea?  i feel that just as i commit to the look of a room with furniture or fabric etc, i see lots of other ideas that i like even better... so frustrating.  anyway.... kids rooms are a good example of this. 

when first deciding how to decorate my daughter's room, when she was a baby, we thought of simple ideas... such as having an underwater theme... especially since both marty and i love beachy colors and underwater life.  we paid an artist from brooklyn almost 1000 dollars to create a painting of fish and orcas (this was before my DIY days).  when it finally arrived (after much painstaking effort lugging it from NYC on marty's part) i was less than thrilled... probably because it just didn't WOW me as much as i had hoped it would.  so..... we ended up with a giant painting to put in amiya's rather small room.  since that time...ami's room has moved on to become less of a fishy place and more into a totally girly room... with far too much stuff all over the place and incredibly over furnished.  I still have hope that it'll be an inspiring place for ami to sleep... play... read...dream... but for now it falls a little short when compared with what i want.

i saw this image on design sponge and immediately loved it... so simple and so cute!  that portrait is ADORABLE!...more ideas...

as for roro's room... of course he ended up inheriting the giant fish painting and has a much more minimalist room than his sister... my feeling is that boys have less nik naks in general so it's easier to have less clutter.  i did find a big red firetruck bed for him...crib size mattress... he loves it and stays asleep in it most nights.  Eventually he will have something a little more grown-up... always loved the idea of bunkbeds and especially liked the space saving one featured in this design sponge photo

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