Sunday, October 30, 2011

miss me?

i miss my blog...i miss blogging...i miss looking at pretty blogs and being inspired...but things have been a little busy lately.  i was tickled when a few of you (my lovely readers) expressed concern about my lack of posts in the past few months... glad that your comments are pushing me back to this keyboard.  it always helps to have a nudge.

the lucky lady
school has started, my little amiya now a kindergartener and my roro in his second year of preschool... already with a new BFF and a cute new girlfriend!

i've been busy with work... having taken on lots of moonlighting shifts in addition to the regular schedule... plus getting a bit involved with amiya's new school.  i am one of 4 room parents for her kg class.  so far i haven't done much but the halloween party is coming up.  this year i finally decided to make a costume.  i did make my dress for last years party but it was pathetic so i won't count that one.  rowan's costume came from china but it's perfect and i couldn't have done a better job... so for 6.99 plus shipping it's a done deal.  for my little girl i have completed an adorable costume.  she decided to be a girly superhero.... we like to call her rainbow superhero... she's the one who makes rainbows come out after the rain.

now i need to figure out how to layer the kids with enough to keep them warm while trick-or-treating tomorrow!

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