Sunday, September 18, 2011

dinner club

guess the fruit
yesterday we hosted dinner club.  it was quite a meal.  marty picked everything out, recipes, wine and did a great job making it a true foodie experience.  though i have decided to go vegetarian once again, i always try everything at our dinner clubs in an effort to be open... and enjoy the whole meal.
marty pouring heidseck monopole

nimbu pani- a non alcoholic apertif- made by sonal
wild mushroom flat bread- made by andrew and jennifer

peach and arugula salad (with pancetta and ricotta salata)- made by jyoti and martin

jyoti assembling the salad

danette made a special appearance- we were so glad to welcome her!


pinot to go with our main course- capiaux (CA)


ed slicing the duck breast
farro with duck confit and sliced duck- made by marty

fig strudel with alsace pinot noir sauce and kirch ice cream- made by ed and phoebe

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  1. wow- this is serious gourmet stuff! the salad looks really good! i'm going to try it- we love arugula and cheese combo- the peach should make it fun!
    lovely pictures- all vibrant and appetizing! keep it going.....we need all the coloiur we can add in our lives! cheers