Monday, May 13, 2013

Sip & Swap 2013

how many times have you looked in your closet and just could not find anything that you liked?  how often have you looked at something that no longer fit you and thought, "i cannot donate this because it cost way too much and maybe someday it'll fit again".  do you ever think about consigning your clothes and then think... what's the point... it's too much of a hassle for what you get back.  i have thought all of these thoughts and for the longest time hung onto random stuff that i know i'd never use just because i did not know what to do with it... until now!!!!
last week i hosted my first clothing/shoe/accessory/bag swap with about 12 friends in the area.  of course, it was going to be a totally fun excuse for a party but also was going to serve a good purpose for many of us... FINALLY getting rid of a bunch of stuff that no longer fit, or that was the wrong cut or style for our changing bodies AND potentially getting to swap for new fresh items from someone else's closet. each friend brought up to 15 items... we displayed them on racks... shelves... and tables that were thoughtfully placed throughout my first floor.  

our muse

the dining room housed the treats... including glazed doughnuts with pink frosting and sprinkles, my favorite soft creamy cheeses with an assortment of fruit spread, fresh berries, and peach cake with creme fraiche in mason jars.  in addition a large glass vessel was filled with homemade white sangria (made by melissa, aka bee), ciders by Bantam were served, as was fruit infused water. an adorable assortment of glasses, many vintage ones from the 50's (part of my collection), old melamine plates in pastel colors were laid out. 

groups of 3-4 women had 20 minutes each to peruse the racks and shelves, try on any items, and make a tally of what they wanted.  once all the ladies had a chance to do this the fun really began!  starting in the bag and shoe area the party really got started when 2 friends both wanted the prize of the night, a mulberry bag that I bought at a consignment shop a few years ago but have not been using because it is a little too heavy and bulky for me.
the roxanne bag by mulberry
the question was... how to decide which lady got it.  a few ideas were thrown out but in the end they ARM WRESTLED!!!!!  yes... you heard me right.  it was truly awesome.  

The bags and shoes were claimed by many happy ladies... although interestingly many shoes did not make the cut and were left for the donation bags at the end of the night (which kind of made them easier to part with).  We moved into the living room where 3 large clothing racks were packed with items ranging from designer dresser to workwear.  the girls claimed their favorites as we went through item by item... and if there was more than 1 person interested we had a face-off, both tried on the item and we all decided who looked the best.  It was so interesting to see how the same item looked so different on various figures.  In the end everyone had something to take home in their special bag adorned with famous fashion quotes.  
a sweet little vintage box brought by suzy
each recycled bag had a different quote by a fashion icon

Maybe in the future this may inspire us to try a childrens' clothing swap for the pricier items we have splurged on that no longer fit... others were talking about a spa party... or  we could just do a sip & swap that is seasonal.  it feels good to know that the stuff that you considered no longer great is now being appreciated and loved by a friend and will finally be used!  To those of you reading this who attended PLEASE leave a comment if you have a tidbit that you want to share... i'd love to read it!  i'd like to thank melissa (bee) for helping me, in her incredibly energetic and efficient way, throw this super fun party... i could not have done it without her.  i also want to thank joyce for once again, helping to capture some special moments digitally.                                  xoxo sonal

leather pants in NEWTON!!!!!

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