Friday, May 31, 2013

the brimfield shopping experience

ok.... for shopaholics/thrifters out there, like me, the brimfield fair is utter bliss ... the most thrilling fun going through thousands of hoarders' treasures.  i go to brimfield at least once a year for the past few years that I've known about it.  it happens 3 times a year, for a 6 day stretch each time, in may, july and september.  usually may is the biggest and best one... though all are quite fun and well attended.

the new york times wrote about it here, and apartment therapy gushed about it here... but to me it is my ideal way to spent time alone!!!!!!!  i love it, i love looking at old random things that take me back to a time when life was so different... i love the care that so many of the vendors take of their items... the joy of being part of this unique tradition that dates back to 1959.  see this NYT article for details about the history of the fair.

the first time i went was a few years ago... it was cool and damp but as the day progressed the sun appeared and led to a nice afternoon.  i learned that year that unless i buy a sandblaster... rust is not an easy fix.  if  i find the perfect piece... maybe i will spend the time fixing it up with new paint and hardware... but my time is  limited and space is getting even more tight.

so this year i showed up in brimfield with a short list of items to look for... including a lucite coffee and console table, new light fixtures for over the kitchen bar, and campaign furniture.  i was very good... i must say... and did not go crazy and buy a ton of nik naks but he's what i got...


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