Wednesday, January 1, 2014

This is 2014

this is me... 40... A little sleepy, have been here at work since 8:30am on New Years makeup... Although I am wearing about 3 kinds of skin products on my face alone... Hey... I'm into the whole anti aging thing... What can I say?  It is the first day of a brand new year and the perfect time to start anew..... Right?

What intentions do I hold for the future ... near and far?

Hmmmmmmmm.... Every year it's a lot of the same stuff... Be better... Get skinny... Eat healthy... Blah blah blah!

But this year I'm going to be more concrete. The concept of gratitude keeps popping up... In conversation... In writing... In thought... Yesterday just before midnight as i sat on my yoga mat surrounded by strangers I was asked to think about my intentions for 2014.... Different than resolutions... And again gratitude appeared.  

I want to practice showing gratitude... Because I'm not very good at it... Especially to those I love most and to myself. How to do this? 

Say what your heart knows!  Just say it even when it feels unnecessary.
Practice your manners
When you are shown love... Acknowledge it
Be an attentive listener
Don't interrupt
Live and let be
Let go of the toxic 
Give more hugs

Help me add to the list!

Cheers to a happy happy new year!



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