Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pretty little things goes to Italy

So here I am in Milan.  I am sitting in a restaurant in a hip section of town... I think... And since Marty has a work dinner I am dining solo.  I have done this before and like the freedom of not having to do anything except eavesdrop... Although I'm a little annoyed being stuck next to the loud Americans at the closest table.  They just finished talking about the raw sewage flowing in the streets in India... Nice.

I took the overnight flight from Boston to Frankfurt on Monday.  I did not sleep at all... Instead I had my own movie marathon.. Starting with blue jasmine which was entertaining but not my speed...Then thought I'd take a risk and watch Her... Omg... Seriously great movie.... Finishing with lost in translation.  I particularly loved the theme of connection within the movie choices.  Got me thinking about how important it is for there to be connection in our lives... In whatever form...from complete lack of any connection... To the sweet bond between a lonely man and an operating system..... To the bond between a young newliwed and mid aged man in japan.  I need connection too... Who doesn't?

Back to my meal... Ok... I seriously despise these American neighbors... They are so loud!  Note to self... Speak softly at restaurants...people don't want to hear my silly stories... But I think I'm far less annoying than them... Biased maybe?  On a better note, my Milanese risotto with porcini mushrooms is perfection.  The wine isn't too shabby either.

So before dinner I managed to do some quick shopping before all the shops closed for the evening.  My nap after getting to the hotel dashed my hopes of a full day of Milan exploration.... But I really needed to sleep... And it felt soooo good after siting in an airplane for the past  many hours.  So I found a cute boutique specializing in vintage clothing... And accessories.  It was divine!  From vintage Gucci bags to cool shades from the 60s... To louboutins... And other vintage designer duds... 2 older Italian women were chatting with a younger woman and gay man... Such a lovely Italian conversation to have in the background... So expressive and vibrant a language.  I found a collection of vintage buttons and couldn't help myself.  It's all that I bought... And I bartered down from 100e to 45e... Not sure that was a good deal for 40+ vintage buttons but I'm excited about the future creations that will be made using them.

Oh yes... The dessert menu!  So many options!  What should I get?  I Ike the sound of the warm caramelized apple tart with a glass of the moscato.  Why not?  When in Milan...

So ... This is a nice start to our trip to Milan.  I do miss the little monkeys but they are in good hands.



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